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Soul Searcher T-Shirt

Soul Searcher T-Shirt

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“Oh to sip the wine that is not of your labor. Bittersweet. Did the blanket used to warm your back now cover your face? What is it to breathe from my lungs? To eat with my hands? To dream with my own eyes? Oh to be the tale of time ill spent. To be crushed by the feet of better men. Ground away and bottled up. A prison to wallow in. To count the seconds away. For it was never “things” you needed... but relevance...”

Product Info:
-Our t-shirts are true to size, but an athletic blend. Meaning they are more fitted, and not boxy. We picked these shirts as they are light weight, breathable, have stretch to them, comfortable to work in, and more flattering than traditional shirts.
-If you're looking for a looser fit, please size up.
-Super soft, quality blend
-Pre-laundered - no shrink

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