I ordered 2 days ago! Why hasn't it shipped?

Orders CAN take up to 7 business days to leave our shop. I say CAN cause most of the time it isn't that long, but we like to underpromise and overdeliver here. Plus, things can happen and delay us! We do try and keep in touch as best as we can though.

Why can it take so long? This entire company is ran by a husband and wife, who also happen to do most of the order volume production in house (t-shirts and hoodies) all with 2 littles and another on the way. With just 1-2 part time employees and all the love we make everything with, it can take a little time getting it out to you! We promise it'll be worth the wait, and you can feel good knowing you're supporting a small family business, not some mega beast company that ships everything to you from China.

Keep in mind: business days are Monday-Friday and do not include holidays.

I paid for priority shipping...

Priority shipping pays the shipping carrier to be extra fast getting your order to you once it leaves our shop, it doesn't speed up the production time.

Keep in mind: business days are Monday-Friday and do not include holidays.

My order isn't right!

This happens so so rarely, but we are human and it CAN happen. Let us know! We can't make right what we don't know!

If you get your order and it's defective or we forgot something, just email us! We will absolutely get you taken care of.


I messed up my shirt doing something awesome...

Did you know we will replace any shirt for FREE if you mess it up pushing yourself in one way or another?

Sweat from working out or hiking deteriorated it? Maybe you burnt a hole through it training? Heck, we've even sent a care package to someone replacing items they lost after getting hit on their motorcycle. We just want to see our merch being USED.

Email us photos of the shirt and your crazy story. We will give you a store credit to replace it!


Is everything made in the US?

Just about!

- Shirts and hoodies are printed in house in Idaho
- Slings are made with US materials in the US
- Tanks, canvas', silkies and tumblers are all produced in Texas

Anything else we randomly offer we do our absolute best to source in the US as well! Occasionally as a small business we just can't pay the super high prices for something made in the US but that is so rare. So you can feel good about showing off what you got!

International Shipping

We DO ship some things internationally! Anything we ship from in-house. Shirts, hoodies, most hats, patches, slings and flags.

Orders ship out within standard shipping time, 7 business days.

We use GlobalPost for international shipping as they have been the most reliable in getting packages delivered. Sometimes this can take up to 4-6 weeks during peak shipping times (holidays), sometimes there are no tracking updates but it WILL make it to you.

If, in the off chance, you don't receive your package within 30 days of it leaving the US please let us know. If you paid for Premium/Priority Shipping we can file a claim. Claims can take up to 4-6 weeks to process.

If no support is offered by the carrier, the claim is denied and/or the address was able to verified prior to shipping we can sometimes offer a partial or full store credit minus shipping costs. We try to work with you the best we can but this is situation dependent.

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