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Beloved One T-Shirt

Beloved One T-Shirt

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Just as David defeated Goliath you can defeat the internal battles you face every day. I tend to remind myself that in todays times, our version of Goliath could be (definitely is) a tyrannical government that only seeks to destroy the world we love and cherish. However with faith, dedicated training and communication amongst ourselves as prepared individuals we will defeat any and all threats to our families in the end.

With all of that in mind just remember, even the greatest of warriors will one day fall as did all of the strongest and most admirable ones before you. Death is that thing that allows us to appreciate the simple things and the time we have here. Stay Operational.

Product Info:
-Our t-shirts are true to size, but an athletic blend. Meaning they are more fitted, and not boxy. We picked these shirts as they are light weight, breathable, have stretch to them, comfortable to work in, and more flattering than traditional shirts.
-If you're looking for a looser fit, please size up.
-Super soft, quality blend
-Pre-laundered - no shrink

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