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Based Baldwin Hoodie

Based Baldwin Hoodie

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Known as the "Leper King", this young king was one of the only to successfully continue his reign by appointing a solid group of people to support him and even though this disease crippled other leaders by just the thought of getting it, "Based Baldwin" still led fights to victory and continued to rule the Kingdom of Jerusalem from the age 16 to 24 when the disease took his life.

Product Info:
- Our hoodies are fitted at the bottom and wrists, and fall right on the hips for most people. We picked these hoodies because we found they are perfect for training and often times working out as there is less interference with your belt/pockets or having to adjust or battle with the fabric while moving or to access anything.
- If you're looking for a baggier fit, please size up.

- Super soft, quality blend
- Pre-laundered - no shrink

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