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Arms Dealer Wall Flag

Arms Dealer Wall Flag

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"Lend a hand to one another in the daily toil of life; when we meet a weaker brother, let us help him in the strife.
There is none so rich but may, in his turn, be forced to borrow; and the poor man's lot today may become our own tomorrow.
Lend a hand to one another when malicious tongues have thrown; dark suspicion on your brother, be not prompt to cast a stone.
There is none so good but may run adrift in shame and sorrow.
Lend a hand to one another in the race for Honor's crown; should it fall upon your brother, let not envy tear it down.
Lend a hand to all, we pray, in their sunshine or their sorrow; and the prize they've won today may become our own tomorrow."


Dimensions: 3ft x 5ft

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